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Scandium diffusion in olivine

Revisiting some vintage data from my PhD, from a series of experiments where I doped forsterite-enstatite powders with varying amounts of scandia, then annealed with pure forsterite crystals, and measured diffusion profiles. This is a complicated system, even though the experiments were simple. Scandium profiles are affected by concentration-dependence and by an inter-site reaction with Al. The concentration of Sc also changes the diffusivity of Fe, with implications for diffusion chronometry.

H diffusion in quartz

How and how fast does H diffuse in quartz? Various experiments - H-D exchange, H-Li, H-Na exchange, reveal some interesting behaviour.

Revisiting H diffusion in forsterite

All H diffusion experiments conducted in pure forsterite show multiple point defects. Thinking about it, this is not consistent with simple diffusion. Rather, diffusion must be coupled to some form of reaction, where hydrogen is redistributed between different point defects. We are revisiting all of the previous experimental studies, trying to find a unifying theory.